Importing Time Data Into Paylocity

This page provides details on how to create the payroll export template and send time data to Paylocity.  For reference, here is the full Paylocity Time Import Specification.

In order to send time card data to Paylocity, you must Create Timecard for a given time period, review the time, export the details using an export template, and then import that date into Paylocity using WebPay.


Create Export Template

Create the Payroll Template according to the specification attached.  Id can match to UserID or a custom field.  Det can be hard-coded as “E”. detCode should map to Payroll Type, hours should map to hours, then finally, the Start Time, and End Time will be included at the end.  Example is below.



“51”,”E”,”Reg”,8.0,,,,,,,,,,,”6/2/1997 9:30:00″,”6/2/1997 17:30:00″

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