Installing EIOBoard Server on an Exchange Server

EIOBoard can be installed on an Exchange Server if needed. You will run the installer as normal, when it asks you how you would like to set up the website choose Virtual Directory (this will make it easier if you have remote access setup for Exchange)


After the installation you will want to make sure you set up a separate Application Pool for EIOBoard. To setup the Application Pool follow these steps:


  1. Click on Application Pools under your computer in IIS
  1. Under Actions on the Right side, click Add Application Pool
  2. Name the Application Pool what you want and make sure the .NET Framework Version is v2.0.5
  1. After creating the Application Pool click on your EIOBoard website.
  2. On the Right side, under the Actions menu, click Basic Settings
  1. Next to the Text Box for Application Pool hit the Select button.
  2. Click on the Application pool dropdown and select the Application Pool you created
  1. Hit Ok to save EIOBoard to the Application Pool
  2. Follow Steps 5-8 on the Web Service found by Expanding your EIOBoard site Tree

If you do not plan to use SSL for your EIOBoard site, follow these steps:


  1. Click on your EIOBoard site.
  2. In the IIS area click SSL Settings
  1. Uncheck “Require SSL”
  2. Click the Apply button under the Actions Menu
  1. Follow these same steps for the EIOBoard Web Service to insure it does not require SSL
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