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What are the differences between Customer-Hosted (Intranet) and EIOBoard-Hosted (Internet)?

Hosted Options

Whether you choose the Customer-Hosted (Intranet) or the EIOBoard-Hosted (Internet) you will access EIOBoard the same way. Both EIOBoard versions includes the Browser (Web), Application, Outlook Add-in, and Mobile interfaces for EIOBoard. The Browser/Web interface is accessed through a web browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. The Application interface is installed on the PC and runs as a program. The Browser/Web interface and the Application interface use the same database, so the two can be used interchangeably. And the Outlook Add-in is installed right into Outlook The major difference is that the Customer-Hosted (Intranet) is hosted on your server and the EIOBoard-Hosted (Internet) is hosted on our eioboard.com server. Besides that, there are a few features that the Intranet version offers over the Internet version:

  • Enhanced Security – even through we encrypt and compress, we serve our web pages over both HTTP and HTTPS, this means usernames and passwords can be sent in plain text. With the Intranet, you can control who has access to your EIOBoard and you can force users to use https for added security.
  • Windows Authentication Support. Windows Authentication is only supported on the Customer-Hosted (Intranet).
  • Built-In Active Directory and Excel import. EIOBoard-Hosted (Internet) users can use our separate tool to export their Active Directory or build their Excel sheets using our template and e-mail them to us to be imported. Customer-Hosted (Intranet) users can use the built in tools to take care of this entire process without relying on Savance.
  • Multiple Organization Support. Customer-Hosted (Intranet) customers can create multiple organizations without buying an additional EIOBoard subscription. The users are calculated based off of the sum of all of your organizations. This allows organizations to create separate business units on the same EIOBoard server – thus providing separation, unique locations, and unique groups within each organization.
  • User Customization and Access to Database Tables. EIOBoard-Hosted (Internet) users do not have access to source code or our database so Intranet users have the advantage to create custom reports or modify the web code to support their needs.
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