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Is Active Directory Integration available in the EIOBoard-Hosted version?

LDAP Active Directory Integration (AD Sync and Windows Authentication) is only available in the Customer-Hosted version.  This is because the AD Sync sets the password to be the same as the username, and with Windows Authentication it relies solely on the user’s Windows username to login.  If we opened this up to EIOBoard-Hosted customers, we could end up with a situation where two completely separate companies have users with the same username, and would login to the wrong company’s account in EIOBoard.


However, if you have Azure Active Directory, you can set up your users for SSO through Microsoft even if you are a EIOBoard-Hosted customer. For more information, see:

FAQ: Azure Active Directory Integration


If your organization does not have Azure Active Directory, EIOBoard-Hosted customer can still import their users with an Excel template in the Administrator.  This is done in either the EIOBoard Application Interface or EIOBoard Outlook Interface by going into the Administrator on the Users tab and clicking the “Import” button.  Then just follow the instructions in the Import Wizard.  If you would like you download an Excel template for importing your users, you can download it from:

You can also manually extract your users from Active Directory.  You can then use this export file to import the users into EIOBoard in the Administrator.  To see instructions on exporting users from Active Directory, click here.

Although EIOBoard-Hosted users cannot use the Windows Authentication feature, they can still use the “Remember Me” feature in any of the EIOBoard Interfaces.  With this feature, your users only have to login to EIOBoard the first time as long as they check “Remember Me” on the login page.

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