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From time to time customers have requested Bluetooth capability for our Kiosks. While the Kiosk tablets do not have the hardware to provide Bluetooth connectivity built in, Broadcom and some other manufacturers produce USB plugable Bluetooth adapters for use on Windows systems. On our Windows 10 based Kiosks the necessary Operating System files to allow these products to install their drivers is present so customers can easily plug in the USB Bluetooth device and install drivers to begin using it.

However, customers who are using a Windows 7 Embedded based Kiosk will need to install a package of .CAB files before the Bluetooth drivers can be installed.

To do this download the zip file from the link below then follow these steps-

First, extract it to somewhere on the Kiosk, preferably in a file path with no spaces in the folders’ names.

Go to “Start” “Run” and enter the command:
DISM.exe /online /Add-Package /PackagePath:THE\PATH\TO\THE\EXTRACTED\FOLDER\GOES\HERE /NoRestart

Be sure to change the all caps path after /PackagePath: to point to the folder where you have extracted the 7 files.

When you hit Enter to execute the command the .CAB files will load to the system one after the other. Once this operation is complete restart the Kiosk and plug-in your Plugable Bluetooth USB adapter. (we recommend Model: USB-BT4LE. Broadcom BCM20702 chipset for use with these files) You can then download and install the drivers automatically and pair your Bluetooth device with the Kiosk.

Link to zip file-

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