Kiosk Internet Connectivity Issues

Current Situation

An image of the Microtouch kiosks was released with an issue of consistently losing their drivers. With most drivers, this just means a mandatory restart to let the kiosk continue functioning, but when it’s the network drivers that drop, the updates will not be able to automatically reinstall from the web, so you will need to manually put them on the kiosk and reinstall the drivers.

This is caused by Windows Updates pushing Intel Drivers onto the kiosks over the existing Realtek Drivers that are supposed to come with the system.

WLAN Drivers

To restore the Wireless Drivers and get internet connectivity back on the kiosk, you can download and install the Wifi Adapter here

Then we have several permanent solutions listed below.

Long Term Solutions

Replace with AW4

If you received the kiosk through Savance, we have worked with Microtouch to switch to an image and model of the Kiosk that doesn’t experience the issue without needing any fixes, so feel free to reach out to us at and we would be happy to work on getting you the replacements or upgrades you need to be fully operational.

In the meantime, or if you are experiencing this issue on your own kiosk model or image, you can apply the below fixes to address the issue

Group Policy Fixes

To prevent the Kiosk from dropping the Drivers again, you can set the Group Policy to not install drivers so it won’t try to update to the incorrect Drivers again:

How to Stop Kiosks from Installing Intel Drivers with Windows Updates

Ethernet Connection

Since the issue is with the Wifi Driver, if the kiosk has or is using an ethernet connection, even if the Wifi Drivers drop the Kiosk will retain it’s network connection.




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