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Label Printing is Slow When Using Dymo Label Printer

Windows Printer Settings

We found a promising resolution to the slow label printing.  We have had multiple customers confirm this addresses the issue.

1.  Open the printer properties in window for the Dymo printer

2,  Go to the Advanced tab

3.  Uncheck “Enable advanced printing features”

We are unsure what advanced printing features even do, but it adversely effects printing from our software.  If this does not address your issue, it may be related to a new network connection issue in Dymo’s SDK.

Block External DYMO Validation Check

As of August, 2018, a new problem surfaced where printing will take 15 seconds.  Dymo released a work around and also released a new SDK that we can embed in future releases of EIOBoard.  For now, you should use the Windows Firewall work around shown in this video below:

(Warning: Do not do if connecting via remote connection, as it will block all ports until you specify the DYMO IP address)

Here is the Dymo tech note on this latest slow printing problem:


Kiosk Upgrade

If you are able to upgrade your Kiosk to the newest version,  version 10.0.47+ of the Kiosk application addresses this issue.

In order to utilize this version of the Kiosk, the Customer-Hosted EIOBoard Server needs to be running the same version number (or a higher one) to be compatible.

You can find the the latest KioskPC installer and related releases here:


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