Linking EIOBoard in Outlook Web Access

If you would like to link EIOBoard inside of your Outlook Web Access (OWA) follow these steps:

  1. Open up Internet Information Services (IIS) and locate your OWA site
  2. Click the plus sign next to the site to have a drop down of the folders in side
  3. Right click on the Forms folder and click Explore
  4. Inside your Forms folder there will be three other folders; basic, Customization, and premium
  5. Add a fourth folder called Registry into the Forms folder. Your OWA drop down should now look like this:
  6. Open up the Customization folder. Inside this folder will be two files; registry.xml.template and UIExtensions.xml.template
  7. Copy the registry.xml.template and paste it into the Registry folder you just created, rename the copy to registry.xml
  8. Find an image you would like to use as the link. You will need to have a large version and a small version of the link (the large version will need to be a 24 X 24 size image and the small will need to be a 16 X 16)
    Note: Save the large and small icons as .gif files
  9. Open up the UIExtensions.xml.template and delete the outlined lines in the following picture:
  10. Inside the <MainNavigationBarExtensions> change the “LargeIcon.gif” to the file name you have for your large icon and change the “SmallIcon.gif” to the file name you have for your small icon. Make sure to have a .gif at the end for both of your files.
  11. Change the URL to the address you use to access the Browser interface (If you are EIOBoard hosted you will use “”) and the “My Application” to “EIOBoard”
  12. Save the file as UIExtensions.xml
  13. Your Customization folder should now look something like this:
  14. Restart your OWA site by right clicking on it in IIS and click restart
  15. Open your OWA and log in, along the bottom left menu the icon you used should now appear. Clicking on that icon should direct you to your EIOBoard browser interface
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