Missed Infinias Events After Update

Newly updated infinias software or changes to the infinias database may disrupt the Savance Workplace integration.  If this is the case, first verify the Savance Workplace website is listed properly in the Peripherals tab of IntelliM.

  1. If the events don’t show up in Savance Workplace (EIOBoard), check the Infinias web interface for “Rule Action Failed” events after door events.
  2. Open the Configuration view, look at the Peripherals tab.
  3. Check the host name.
  • If this is correct, check the Infinias database. The URL Path should point to your EIOBoard server /InboundInfinias.ashx. If they site is under a virtual directory, it will look like this:
    • Select * FROM EAC.PrivilegeAction WHERE Id=11
      • Id: 11
      • Name: Forward Event
      • UrlPath: /EIOBoard/InboundInfinias.ashx
      • Restarting the Infinias services is not necessary.

      If your events are still missing from EIOBoard after this, then take the following steps.

      1. Check the RulesEngineService Log file stored the Infinias install directory.  You are looking to find (400) Bad Request error within this log. This is caused by the event being forwarded to an incorrect destination.
      2. Check to see what the URL is directly above this error. By default, the request is headed to /IAEvents.
      3. Head to SQL Server Management Studio and open your database then head to the tables folder.
      4. Find the PrivilegeAction table and right click to choose the option “edit top 200 rows”.
      5. Find the row which has the name “Forward Event” and In the UrlPath column rewrite the path to: /InboundInfinias.ashx. If necessary, include the virtual path as well.
      6. Ensure that these changes are in effect and the Infinias integration should be back to normal.
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