More Tab in Status Panel

The “More” tab is used to provide additional status information for the selected worker. The information can be chosen to be displayed for everyone to see on the main screen.


Using the “More” tab:

1) Click the “Status:” button

2) Click the “More” tab


3) Select the values under the “Values” column of the desired category


4) Click the “OK” button


Creating the Categories in the “More” tab:

NOTE: You have to be the administrator to create the categories.


1)     Click the “Administrator” button


2)     Click the “Fields” tab


3)     Scroll down to the category “Status Fields”


4)     Right click the “Status Fields” category


5)     Select “Add Fields Under “Status Fields””


6)     Fill out the Name and Data Type. Some data types include text, number, and custom options (drop down menu).


7)     Click “Save” button


Displaying the categories on EIOBoard:



1)     Right click the “Column Headers”


2)     Select the categories that you would like to display on EIOBoard.


3)     You may have to scroll the screen to the right to see the added categories.

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