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Moving EIOBoard to a Different Server but keeping SQL separate

  • Backup everything
      1. Backup the entire folder contents of C:\Program Files\Savance\EIOBoard (UserPictures and Logos are most important)
      1. Open EIOBoard Admin from the existing EIOBoard Server
      1. Go to SQL Tasks and look for the task to backup EIOBoard.  You can edit the task to see where the backup file will be created on your system.  Run the SQL Task and confirm the backup file was created, that the file size > 0, and the date is today.
      1. You may want to go through all the settings in EIOBoard Admin and jot them down so you can enter them on the new server. (E-mail/SMTP server info, ADSync info, etc.)
      1. Make sure you have your EIOBoard install key handy and are aware that all clients are going to be down and will need new settings to connect to the new server


  • Uninstall EIOBoard Server through the Add/Remove Programs
      1. Make sure to keep SQL Express and keep the EIOBoard database (not applicable if the database is already on another server)
      1. Complete the uninstall


  • Install onto the new server
      1. Make sure you are using the same or a newer Intranet Installer Executable
      1. Refer to the Customer Hosted Help Guide or Intranet Installer Manual found here: http://www.eioboard.com/CustomerHostedHelpGuide.aspx
      1. During the install, make sure you select “Use Existing SQL Server”
      1. Do NOT check the box that you’ll be migrating an existing database since you’ll be using the same database
      1. After entering in your SQL Server Name or IP (your old EIOBoard Server), if you are using the built-in SQL Express that was previously installed, you will probably use the EIOBoard default, “sa” for the password, and “EBwebs@vant” as the password.  Otherwise, specify your SQL sa or database owner account for your SQL Server.
    1. When you click next, it will prompt you that a database already exists and have you press Yes to overwrite, No to Upgrade, or Cancel.  You’ll want to click No to upgrade.
        1. If your Database is on a separate server, you will have to manually upgrade it: https://support.savance.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/443/0/manually-upgrade-the-database
      1. Finally, configure all the same settings as previously documented.  Allow the installer to finish.
      1. Further configure any additional EIOBoard Server Settings
      1. If you had logos or user pictures, you’ll need to copy the logos and userpictures folders from the previous server to the new server from the backup that you created.  They should be in the C:\Program Files\Savance\EIOBoard folder if you accepted the default installation.


  • Adjust the client settings
    1. Reconfigure the client using the new URL based on how you did the installation on the new server.
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