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The My Customers feature is a handy tool that is easy to use and is helpful for organizing your customers based on your representatives, where the company is located, all the contact information for the company and its employees, etc.

 When you first open up the My Customers tab in EIOBoard Administration, it should be blank (no customers have been added yet).


If you would like to add a customer, simply click ‘new’ under the Customer List section. You can now add the general information for the customer.


Once you click ‘Save’, this new customer will show up under the Customer List. You can edit the information at any time by clicking on the customer and clicking ‘Edit’ under Customer List or by double clicking on the customer. Alternatively, you can delete a contact by clicking ‘Delete’.

¬†If you would like to enter contacts for the customer, select the customer and click ‘Contact’ under Customer List. A screen will pop up, allowing you to view all of the contacts for this customer.


You can add, delete, or change the information for contacts at any time by clicking the respective buttons on the bottom. A window will pop up, allowing you to add the information for the contact from that company.

If you would like to add contacts from your company into that customer (for example, if your company has a representative or a technical resource for the customer), then you can find all this information under the Customer Contacts on the right side of the My Features window. You can view the Customer Contacts by clicking on the customer under the Customer List. At first, there will be no Customer Contacts.



You can add new Customer Contacts by clicking . You can now select from the users in your EIOBoard database. You can choose what Contact Type he or she is (representative, technical resource, etc.), and you can add a comment if necessary.


You can add/edit/delete Contact Types by clicking  next to the Contact Type dropdown list. A window will pop up, allowing you to add/edit/delete any Contact Types. When you are done adding a Customer Contact, click . You can now set the Customer Contact Type to the type you just added.

If you would like to edit a Customer Contact, you can either select the Customer Contact and click ‘Edit’ below Customer Contacts, or you ¬†can simply double-click on the Customer Contact. You can now change any of the information you initially gave when creating that Customer Contact.

Lastly, you can search for customers by name once you have created your Customer List. Simply type in all or part of the name of a customer into the text box next to “Customer Search:” and then press enter or click ‘Search’. You can type in the entire name of a customer to only get that customer in the results, you can type in “m” to see all companies that start with the letter “m”, and so on. You can go back to viewing all customers by clicking ‘Show All’.

Once you have added multiple customers and customer contacts, you can view them all in an organized format in My Features.

Customers can be imported into your EIOBoard by syncing the Customers with existing business systems. This can be done once or it can be done periodically. If you would like help doing this, please visit our Knowledgebase Article: How to Use the Customer Sync Windows Service.

If you have the EIOBoard App or the Outlook Add-in, you can do even more. You can access the My Customers feature here by clicking on the ‘Customers’ tab. This allows you to select a customer when changing status, search for a customer to easily see which staff from your company is assigned to them, and select a customer and contact when sending While You Were Out (WYWO) messages. This is very useful when a receptionist or call center receives a call from a customer and needs to quickly find out what user is assigned to the customer. You can also reach the My Customers feature in the Administrator from here by clicking ‘Customer Management’.


A While You Were Out (WYWO) message (or just a plain note) can be sent to any EIOBoard user simply by right-clicking on that user and clicking Send Note.


A window will pop-up, allowing you to either send a normal (plain-text) note or a WYWO note. The WYWO note will allow you to select certain options in the note, such as who the customer was, who to contact, if the note is urgent, etc. The user will then be notified of the note he or she received.


There is also a Customer Report can be reached by clicking ‘More’ in Outlook or the Application and then selecting Reports. Customer Reports shows the total number of hours consumed for each customer for job tracking.


A window will pop up allowing you to keep track of users based on how much time they’ve worked with a customer, making it easy to know how to bill customers. This is also helpful for keeping track of how much time was spent on projects that are being managed.

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