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‘New Outlook’ Affecting our Workplace Add-In

Users who enable ‘New Outlook’ will notice the Savance Workplace Add-in disappear from their taskbar. This is due to an Outlook change, but it isn’t live as of writing (1/5/2024). Our current add-in uses the COM Add-in method that Microsoft is ending support for. Per Microsoft: “The new Outlook on Windows aims to unify the extensibility experience across all Outlook platforms. To provide a more reliable and stable add-in experience, VSTO and COM add-ins aren’t supported in the new Outlook on Windows.”

For more information, please go to Microsoft’s website, which explains what will and won’t be supported.

Savance’s plan regarding this situation is to look into a “Web add-ins Integration built on Outlook by using our modern web-based platform.” According to Microsoft, the expected ETA of this change is Dec 2024. We’re currently determining the scope of what our New Outlook Add-in could look like, and the best ways to bring prior functionalities over to the new version.


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