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On Premises – How to Setup Mustering Tablet Alerts


Savance is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers. This is why we developed our emergency mustering stations, which help to keep track of employees, initiate roll calls, and create a safer overall environment. We are also committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. As part of this commitment, we’ve created an alerting feature for our emergency mustering stations. This feature will send an email notification to an e-mail address that you specify when a mustering station goes offline. This notification will help you to stay informed about the status of your mustering stations and empower you to take appropriate action to address the issue. To set up alerts, please follow the instructions in this document. Thank you for your continued trust in Savance. We are committed to providing you with the safest possible environment for your employees.


How does it work

The mustering device undergoes refresh cycles every 5 minutes. During each refresh, it transmits a signal to the Savance workplace server, indicating that the device is still online and connected. In the event that the server does not receive a signal from the mustering device in the designated 5 minute period, an immediate alert is sent out via email. This will allow the appropriate individuals to take action and restore the functionality of the mustering device.


Server Requirements

This functionality is available in version 11.0.1 or higher. If you wish to leverage this capability, please confirm that your server is running 11.0.1 or higher or upgrade to the latest version.

Setting Up SMTP

  • Please open your Savance Workplace Server (this application is on your server)
  • Click on Management on top top bar and enter the Settings
  • Open the email tab and put in your SMTP information
    • This widely varies from organization to organization please ask the IT administrator for this information
    • SMTP Server is based on your e-mail provider’s URL that typically can be googled for standard ones. Google uses smtp.gmail.com. Username is typically your email address along with the associated password. The notifications email is the email that you want Workplace Server alerts sent to and also the e-mail address used when Send Test Email is clicked.
    • Click Send Test Email and confirm you received the email
    • Click Close

Adding the SQL Task

  • Click on the SQL Tasks tab and then click new on the bottom of the window
  • Enter the info as shown below
    • Name: Check Device Offline Sync
    • Check the Enable Box
    • Type the following Sql code into the Sql Query Box. Keep all the information the same except for OrganizationSys, EmailAddress, and ToName (fill out accordingly)
    • EXEC [eb_CheckDeviceSyncHistory]            @OffsetMin = 5,@EmailAddress = “user@gmail.com”
    • Next click Schedule Actions on the bottom right and click New
    • Please fill in this information and click save
    • Name: CheckDeviceSync
    • Schedule Type: Recurrent
    • Occurs: Daily
    • Recurs every: 1 day(s)
    • Occurs every: 5 minutes
    • Select No end date
    • Click Save


Testing Your Alerts

  • Keep your Savance Workplace Server Manager open
  • If your mustering application is already open on a device, go ahead and close it
  • Wait 5 minutes and check your email. If everything is set up correctly, you should receive an email indicating the Mustering station is down.
    • If you received the email, you are all set! From now on, you will be alerted via email whenever the Mustering station goes offline.
    • If you did not receive the email, mostly likely your SMTP is set improperly
      • Go to the Emailing tab, click processed, and then check ‘Show Errored’ on the bottom. If you see a job come up, it confirms that your SMTP is set improperly.
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