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Optimizing Features for a Touch Screen on Your Touch Screen Kiosk

Download, install, and launch the Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 to easily optimize your kiosk for a touch screen.  You can use this direct link from EIOBoard:


Note: Go to the following article for options within this software as well as details on where to manually adjust your Windows Settings manually to optimize for a touch screen:

Customizing Kiosk Touch Settings


Note: Go to the following article for instructions on how to change the size of your Kiosk Scrollbar:

Changing the Size of the Kiosk Scrollbar


To install the software, run the MSI file. The following setup window will pop up. Click Next to start the installation.

Accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next again.

You will then be asked to choose a setup type. Click Custom in order to customize the setup.

The following screen will be shown, allowing you to customize the setup. Click the icons next to Origami Central and Origami… and Origami Picture Password, and make sure that they are not installed (the icon should turn to a red X). The Touch Settings should be the only settings being installed.

Once you are finished customizing the setup, click Next and then click Install to start the installation. Then wait until the installation is complete.




Once the installation has completed, you will be open up the new Touch Settings program.

The following screen will come up, allowing you to change different settings. Click on Customize touch settings… in order to change the touch settings.

The following screen allows you to optimize your Kiosk touch settings based on your

preferences. You can also set each item back to the default if necessary. For detailed instructions on how to optimize these settings, view the following knowledgebase article:

Customizing Kiosk Touch Settings


When you are all finished, it will ask if you would like to log off now or log off later. Click Log off now in order for the settings to take effect. You can change the settings at anytime in order to optimize your user experience!

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