Outlook is not Installed Error Message

EIOBoard Registry

This article addresses the issue where you get an error message when you open Outlook saying Outlook is not installed after installing the EIOBoard Outlook Interface:

“EIOBoard Outlook Add-in cannot be installed on systems without Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher.”


Most likely there is a missing or incorrect Registry entry for Outlook. In the Registry go to:



The value for “(Default)” should be set to Outlook.Application.[VersionNumber] (with Outlook.Application.16 for 2016/365, Outlook.Application.15 for 2013, etc) The EIOBoard Outlook Interface checks the value of this key and if it is missing or incorrect it is most likely the cause of your error. It would probably best to do an Outlook repair/reinstall, but you may be able to get away with just manually modifying the Registry to your version of outlook. (It is a String Value.)

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