Preferred Picture Upload Sizes

There are two different types of picture uploads used in EIOBoard. The most common picture upload is for user pictures. Dimensions for the user pictures should be square, meaning the length is the same as the width. For example, 150×150 pixels or 200×200 pixels.

You can also upload a logo with EIOBoard, though it is currently only displayed in the EIOBoard Browser Interface. If your Browser Interface is configured to display large buttons on the toolbar (which is the default) the dimensions for the logo are 100×40 pixels. If you configured your Browser Interface to show small toolbar buttons the dimensions for the logo are 62×25 pixels.

While we do not have a size limit for pictures, it is highly recommended that you keep the image size small (around 100 KB or less). If you have several large images uploaded it may affect performance when the EIOBoard status view is loaded.

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