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Prompt for Status Location on Status Update

If you want to distinguish status updates by location without having a status for You can do exactly that, and we already have status location added as a default field that works with our location feature!

You can add locations in the groups and locations tab of the admin section, then follow the steps follow to allow users to set their status location to one of those locations with their status updates on the web or kiosk:


In the Web, you can add the drop-down prompt to the status update screen for status location by checking the box “Show Location for Status Update” in the Global Settings.


Then when someone changes their status by clicking the status button they’ll have the option to select their current status location from that list:


And then you can then add Status Location as a column on the standard view to be able to see everyone’s(or you can just make sure the Comment Field is visible if “Show Location in Status Comment” is also checked in the Global Settings):



When setting up the kiosk there is an option to allow users to select which location they are at when changing their status.

For Staff

This option is located in the Status tab of the kiosk administrator. Set the Default Location to what you want for that Kiosk, then the next two options underneath it to yes.

You can also set a Kiosk specific comment that will accompany the status update on this screen.




You can also set the status location for each visitor sign-in at a kiosk under Visitor Management->Advanced Options


Status Button Updates

Unfortunately the drop down box does not appear on the return time window when changing the users status unless some additional settings are checked. These settings can be found in the Company Settings tab of the Administrator window in EIOBoard. The settings “Show Location for Status Update” and/or “Show Location in Status Comment” needs to be checked.




Now when a user’s status is changed to a status that needs a return time specified, a location drop down box will be available.




Note: You can also automatically set a user or visitors Status Location when checking in at a certain kiosk by setting the Default Location, then checking both ‘Prompt for location’ and ‘Require Location’

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