Recurring Future Statuses

Future Statuses are a nice way to show other EIOBoard users when you will be unavailable or out.


Outlook Add-in

If you have a recurring event (such as weekly meetings or quarterly vacations), you can synchronize your EIOBoard calendar with your Outlook Calendar to show these recurring future statuses. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Open up Outlook and go to your Calendar by clicking .
  2. Create a New Appointment. The Appointment window will come up.
  3. In the Appointment Option, click on  . This will bring up the Appointment Recurrence window.
  4. This window allows you to configure when your Future Status will occur. Let’s say you have a meeting every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. You would then set up this Appointment Recurrence similar to the example above. You can also set events on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. You can set events based on “The last Friday of each month” or “Every other weekday” and more.
  5. Once you are done configuring your recurring Future Status, click .
  6. Back in the Appointment window, be sure to configure your EIOBoard settings on the top-right. So if you were configuring a recurring Future Status for a meeting, you would set up your EIOBoard settings similar to the following:
  7. Lastly, be sure to configure your event. Enter in the Subject, Location (if necessary), and then details. You can also mark each event as private (to hide the details).
  8. Now all you have to do is create the event by clicking . You have now created a recurring Future Status in your EIOBoard!

For more information, see our guide on syncing Recurring Outlook Appointments

Resource Wizard

You can also create recurring calendar events or appointments through the Resource Wizard

1. Go to the Resource Wizard


2. There you can select the Users and Resources associated with the event. You can also chose if you want the appointment to automatically appear on your Calendar.


3. If you click “Show Recurrence Options”, it will bring up the options for when and how you want it to repeat:


4. If you associate a future status with it, it will appear under the Calendar, otherwise it will be visible through the Resource Calendar.

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