Refreshing on the Kiosk

On the kiosk you have the ability to determine the refresh rate. When trying to select the length of time before the next refresh, here are some variables to take into account.

  1. Do you have auto scrolling enabled?

    If you have auto scrolling, the kiosk screen will automatically move down after a certain amount of seconds, which is specified in the general tab of your view. When the refresh timer hits zero, the screen will jump back to the beginning of the the user list. Since a refresh takes you back to the first user, you will want to keep in mind that the refresh time should be long enough to allow all of the users to be shown before refreshing. To do this, you will have to make the refresh time equal to or greater than the auto scroll interval multiplied by the number of scrolls it takes to get to the bottom.

    For example, if the list has to scroll down 5 times and you have the auto scroll interval set to 10, then you will want to have the refresh time set for at least 50 seconds. This will allow you to see each group for 10 seconds each. If the refresh time is less than 50, you may not see some of the users.

  2. Do you have grouping enabled?

    When grouping is enabled, you will be able to choose how the groups are displayed on the kiosk screen. With the Per Page option the Group Scrolling Interval will need to be set. This option will determine how long the kiosk will stay on a group’s page. Since there are generally many groups, you will have to make sure that the refresh time is at least as long as the number of groups multiplied by the group scrolling interval amount.

    For example, if you have 8 groups and the group scrolling interval is set to 15, you will have to have a refresh time of at least 120 seconds. This is because when the refresh time is shorter than 120 seconds, the kiosk will go back to the first group before displaying the last group.

  3. Why have a short refresh time?

    With all of these issues that can occur with having a refresh time that is too short, you may wonder why not have a long refresh time. The problem with a long refresh time is that the status of your users will not be current. This will lead to misconceptions of whether the user is actually available or not.

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