Removing Users from EIOBoard

Desktop Application

To remove a user from EIOBoard, just go into the Users section of the Administrator in the EIOBoard Application, Browser, or Outlook Interface.  From there, you can disable or delete the users you no longer want in EIOBoard.

  • Disabling Users

    • When a user is disabled, they cannot login, their name will not show up in the Status View, and they do not count against your maximum number of users.  To disable a user, you need to select the desired user and click the disable button at the bottom of the screen. A disabled user can always be enabled again from the Users section of the Administrator. This can be done by selecting the Show Disabled Users box, then editing the desired user to enable them again.
  • Deleting Users

    • On the other hand, when a user is deleted, they are erased from EIOBoard for good.  To delete the user, you will need to select the user and click the delete button at the bottom of the screen. It is not recommended that you permanently delete users from EIOBoard; however, this is an option if you are using version 8.0.64 or later.


For users that use Active Directory, an extra step must be followed. On the EIOBoard server, go to the AD Sync tab. In the template that contains the user you want to disable or delete, simply uncheck the user’s name and save the template. This will prevent Active Directory from synchronizing the user back into the system.


Web Browser

Removing users can also be done in the browser interface.  First head to the “users” page within the admin portion.

Next choose whether you will disable (recommended) or delete the user from the EIOBoard.

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