Savance Kiosk COVID-19/ Health Screening Setup


This guide will help set up the EIOBoard kiosk software as a COVID-19 Health Screening system.  This guide will also cover how to set up a label printer and camera.

Creating Custom Fields

To add custom Covid screening questions to the kiosk, custom fields must be created in the web application.  Login to the EIOBoard web application and select “Admin” the select “Fields”.

How do we add a Custom Field?


Question Profiles

To allow a visitor to sign in, a question profile must be created.  First the admin panel of the kiosk must be accessed by selecting the “Staff” option on the kiosk and entering the code 7282623 then selecting login.  To create a question profile, go to the”Visitor Management” and then the “Questions” tab and select “New” at the top right.  Then name and save the question profile

How to Edit your Question Profile


Screening Settings

To enable communication between the temperature scanner and the kiosk, screening settings must be set up once the temperature question is in place.  Go to the screening settings tab within the visitor management panel and select the desired profile from the dropdown.  Next configure a minimum and maximum temperature.  To receive alerts from failed screening attempts, enter the desired email in the fillable box for screening alert email.  Next save these settings for the profile.  If there are multiple profiles that will be used, this must be completed for each profile.

How To Change Screening Settings


Next Steps

Once the Screening questions are finalized, configure the temperature sensor and any other accessories by following the appropriate documentation.  Once everything is correctly configured, restart the kiosk software and proceed with testing.

Temperature Sensor Setup

Kiosk Setup Guides


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