Savance TAPI Tester

The Savance TAPI Tester allows you to test EIOBoard’s integration with TAPI. Because there is such a vast array of telephone providers, not every one has been fully tested with the EIOBoard software. This software will allow you to test out TAPI features within EIOBoard before getting it all set up with the EIOBoard software.



The installer for the Savance TAPI Tester can be found here:

Once you download the ZIP file, unzip it and run the EXE. You may change the settings during installation if necessary, but the defaults are fine for typical use. Once the installation is complete, you can run the Savance TAPI Tester software (there should be a new icon on your desktop). A window should come up that looks like this:


First of all, you will want to pick the provider from the list (note that the TAPI driver may need to be installed in order for it to show up on the list). At this point, you should be able to see calls showing up in the Current Calls section. All extensions that EIOBoard can monitor will show up in the list if they are on a call or making a call. You can also try other features by clicking the buttons at the bottom. For example, if you want to put a call on Hold, select the call and click Hold. You can also hang up a call by clicking Drop.

If you’d like to test the connection with a specific address or extension, simply choose a TAPI Line from the list and then choose the phone address. You can view the status on the right in the Tapi Line Status section, which will give general information such as whether or not EIOBoard can connect to this extension. Once you click Open Address, you can type in a new extension or phone number at the bottom, and then click Make Call to try calling this number. Once you do this, the following should happen: The first extension you picked should receive a call; once you pick up, the phone should automatically call the second address you typed in!


How to Test DND Compatibility (for future use)

In the future, the Do Not Disturb feature may potentially be implemented into EIOBoard. This would allow EIOBoard to change your phone to Do Not Disturb when you are away from your desk. However, this feature is only possible depending on your telephone provider. To test out this feature, you will need to set up the Savance TAPI Tester

Once you have connected a to a line and an extension, click on the Do Not Disturb button. If your telephone provider supports this feature, the selected phone should automatically be placed into “Do Not Disturb”. The checkbox on the right should also change, showing that the phone is now in Do Not Disturb.

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