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How often does Savance release updates for Workplace?

Savance releases new releases usually quarterly and then releases patch updates as frequently as needed.

  • Servers
    • Customer-Hosted: You can acquire the latest server or the version for your server from our releases page.
    • Savance-Hosted: All server updates are handled by Savance.
  • Clients
    • Browser and Mobile interface: Updates are automatically available based on your Server Version
    • Application and Kiosk: Generally previous versions of the client software will work with newer versions of the server.
      • Customer-Hosted Clients: You can find the version of the client software’s for your server on your server versions releases page.
      • EIOBoard- Hosted Clients: For client updates you can find the installers for the latest version here

Savance makes every effort to make upgrades optional but from time to time, an upgrade to the server will require upgrading the clients as well. We will make our best efforts to notify the administrators before any required upgrade to ensure a seamless upgrade. We are always making improvements to the Savance Workplace software.

If you have any suggestions or known bugs please feel free to contact Savance at (877) SAVANCE (728-2623), support@savanceworkplace.com, or by submitting a ticket via our website.

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