Sending Savance Notifications to Slack

Email to Channel by Channel Email

1. In Slack, you can generate an email for that channel. This will let any Savance notification sent to that email be delivered to the Slack channel. To get this email, right-click the channel you wish for the alerts to go to in Slack and click ‘View channel details’

2. Then in the ‘Integrations’ tab, you can create the Email via the ‘Send Emails to this channel’ option.


3.Once you have a channel alert, you can set that channel email as the email for an account for the ‘Always account these people when someone signs in’

Alerts from Kiosk Guest Sign In


Email to Direct Messages by Slack Email

1.You can also send emails directly to your Slack direct messages by generating a Slack email for yourself. To do so, go to ‘Preferences’ under your profile:

2.There, in the ‘Messages & media’ tab, you can Get a Forwarding Address for yourself under ‘Bring Emails into Slack.


3.Then you can Click on My Info and Settings in the upper right corner to set your email to that Forwarding email:

Through Zapier by Slack Name

  1. Make the Message Template in EIOBoard match to the fields you want in your email:
    1. Host: [Visiting]
      Visitor: [Full Name]
      Company: [Company Name]
  2. Create a Zapier mailbox using Email Parser by Zapier – leave it open to this page while doing step 3
  3. Set up Kiosk
    1. Set up your Kiosk Service Account to the Email Parser email. This is the email you set up in Step 2 with the domain
    2. Set your Kiosk Alerts to ‘always alert this user when someone signs in’ and select the Kiosk Service Account and ‘By Email’
    3. Then check in a visitor to send the template email to the Email Parser
  4. Create the Email Template in the Email Parser –
  5. Import Zap:
    1. Trigger: New Email in Email Parser by Zapier
      1. Choose your Zapier Email
      2. Look for emails from the newly created ‘’ email box
      3. Have Zapier Parse the [Visiting] Field to get the Host Name
    2. Action: Text in Formatter by Zapier
      1. Split the Host Name on  ,[:space:] so that it’s in the format Slack expects
    3. Action: Find User by Name in Slack
      1. Connect Zapier to your Slack Workplace
      2. Search for the person by Name to get their SlackID
      3. Connect your Slack Workplace to Zapier by putting your Slack Workplace URL so you can search for Names in it by First and Last name
    4. Action: Send Direct Message in Slack
      1. Send the message to SlackID found in Step 3
      2. Message Text: Create your here to see message using the fields from the Message Template


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