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Setting Chrome to Print Without Preview

In order to print as efficiently as possible using the Badge/Label Printing features in EIOBoard’s Visitor Management tools for front desk operations, with as little user interaction as possible, it is best to create a shortcut for Google Chrome you can use specifically for EIOBoard operations that will open Chrome with print preview disabled. To do this, first create a second shortcut for Chrome that opens Chrome directly to EIOBoard.

  1. Open the Start Menu and find Google Chrome
  2. Right Click on Google Chrome and go to More>Open File Location
  3. Right Click on the Chrome Shortcut and choose Send to> Desktop (create shortcut)
  4. (optional) Right Click on the new Chrome shortcut you just created and select rename. Then rename it to EIOBoard. This is optional but recommended for users who still have need of the print preview in Chrome when not using it to access EIOBoard.

Now, configure the shortcut to open Chrome with Print Preview disabled.

  1. Go to task manager
  2. Kill or End Task on all Google Chrome Applications currently running
  3. Right click in Google Chrome and Choose Properties – The shortcut will say EIOBoard if you followed the optional step 4 above
  4. In dialog box Google Chrome Properties add behind target -disable-print-preview and Apply
    1. (optional) You may also configure the shortcut to open directly to the EIOBoard web site. This is recommended if you renamed the Chrome shortcut so that you use it only for EIOBoard. To do this you will enter one space after the target and then add https://eioboard.com/eioboard -disable-print-preview . If you are an on prem customer replace https://eioboard.com/eioboard with your company’s EIOBoard web application URL
    2. Target field should now look something like this “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” https://eioboard.com/eioboard -disable-print-preview
  5. If showing Access Denied you can click Continue to complete this operation and OK as long as you have administrator rights on the system. You may need an administrator to allow this if you do not have the proper permissions.
  6. Now, when you print in a Chrome window opened from this shortcut, a system dialog box for selecting a printer will appear. In some cases, where only one printer is available no dialog box will show, but this is rare because most systems have multiple pdf and electronic document printers active in modern environments.
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