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Setting Up EIOBoard On-premise SMTP Settings for Email

Setting up SMTP on an On-premise Server

  1. To set up SMTP on your on-premise server, open EIOBoard Server and Go Managementā€“>Settings.
  2. Then on the Email tab under General, check both ‘Enable Email’ and ‘Enable Email Log’
  3. Then set the SMTP settings according to the pertinent information at your organization. You may or may not choose to use SSL.
  4. Then go to the advanced tab also under email and you can change the settings for From, Reply To and Send on Behalf of. You will need to choose a relay email and name. You may need to make sure the Relay Email’s make sure domain name is same as your SMTP servers so that it will service those email. After setting these settings the way you want click the Save Button.

Checking Email Logs

To check Email Jobs, Go to ‘Emailing’, then ‘Processed’. There you can select your date range and click ‘Refresh’ to check the status of all Emails that have gone through or are in the queue.

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