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Setting Up Savance Workplace Server for Text messaging

When utilizing an on-premise Savance Workplace Server, there are two primary methods for enabling text messaging alerts and notes:

1. Through SMTP

Begin by gathering the Carrier and Cell Number information of the intended recipients for text messages.

  • Access the Savance Workplace Server interface and navigate to Management -> Settings

  • In the Email tab under General settings, configure the SMTP server details in accordance with your organization’s specifics. SSL usage is optional.
  • Proceed to the advanced settings under the Email tab to customize settings such as ‘From’, ‘Reply To’, and ‘Send on Behalf of’ for text messages. Choose a relay email and name as required. Once adjustments are made, remember to save the settings.

Next, configure the text message settings within Savance Workplace using the steps outlined in this article: Setting up Text Messaging 

If your server is accessible to the world (See How to Configure EIOBoard Access Remotely), an alternative option is to select the ‘Send Text Direct’ feature in the ‘SMS’ tab of the Savance Server Admin. This selection will route all text messages through the Arielink service.

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