Setting Up EIOBoard Server for Text messaging

With an on-premise EIOBoard Server, there are two ways to facilitate Text Messaging for alerts and notes:

Through SMTP

First, you’ll need to collect the Carrier and Cell Number of the users you wish to send text messages to.

Then after setting the users’ cell numbers and carriers you must also set up EIOBoard Server to facilitate messaging using an SMTP server. To do this Open EIOBoard Server and Go Management–>Settings. Then on the Email tab under General set those setting according to the pertinent information at your organization. You may or may not choose to use SSL.

Then go to the advanced tab also under email and you can change the settings for From, Reply To and Send on Behalff of for text messages. You will need to choose a relay email and name. After setting these settings the way you want click the Save Button.

Then you can configure the text message settings as found EIOBoard using the steps in this article

If your server is open to the world(See How to Configure EIOBoard Access Remotely ), then you can alternatively select the ‘Send Text Direct’ option in the ‘SMS’ tab of the Savance Server Admin, then all text messages will be sent through the Arielink service

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