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Setting your Organization Key used for the EIOBoard SDK

This article describes how to obtain your OrganizationSys and Organization Key, which are needed to use the EIOBoard SDK.

First we will need to get the Organization ID, which is also known as the Organization Number or OrganizationSys.  You can obtain this value by going the “Company Settings” tab in the Administrator of the EIOBoard Application or EIOBoard Outlook Interface.  It is a six-digit number listed as the “Organization Number” in the Registration Settings.  You can also find this value in the EIOBoard Browser Interface by going to the “Registration Info” section under Administration.

Next we will need to go to your EIOBoard server.  From here, open up the EIOBoard Server program.  You should see a server icon in the system tray near the clock which you can double click to open the EIOBoard Server.  If not, go to Start -> Programs  -> EIOBoard -> EIOBoard Server Admin.  Now click the “SQL Tasks” tab.  From this tab, click the “New” button, which should open the “Add Scheduled Task” screen.  For the Name, enter “Change Organization Key”.  For the SQL Query enter the following, but change “YourKey” to be your desired Organization Key (and make sure you leave the single quotes) and change “YourOrganizationNumber” to the Organization Number you obtained in the Administrator:
UPDATE Organizations SET OrganizationKey = ‘YourKey‘ WHERE OrganizationSys = YourOrganizationNumber

Now click the “Schedule Actions” button and select “Add New Schedule”.  For the Name, enter “Change Organization Key”.  Make sure the Schedule Type is set to “RunOnce”, then click “Save”.  Back on the “Add Scheduled Task” window, select the “Change Organization Key” Schedule, make sure “Enabled” is checked, then click “Save”.

You should now be able to right click on the “Change Organization Key” task you just created and select “Process Now”.  If this runs successfully, you should see “The SQL Task ‘Change Organization Key’ was Processed Successfully” at the bottom of the EIOBoard Server window.

At this point, you should now have the OrganizationSys and OrganizationKey required by the EIOBoard SDK, therefore, you will be able to authenticate and use the SDK.

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