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Sign Out All Users at Midnight Company Setting

Turning on the Global Setting

If this setting is checked, EIOBoard will change the status to the default “Out” status for all users in your organization that are not currently set to an “Out” status type.

Desktop Application

In the “Company Settings” tab of the EIOBoard Administrator panel there is a setting called “Sign Out All Users at Midnight”.

Web Browser

In the “Global Settings” section of the EIOBoard Administrator there is a setting called “Sign Out All Users at Midnight” under the general settings


EIOBoard-Hosted customers can only enable or disable this setting. The time is not customizable; it will change the statuses at 12AM Eastern Standard Time.


Customer-Hosted customers can change the time at which this feature runs. By default it is configured to run at 12AM, but this schedule can be changed on the EIOBoard Server program which runs on your EIOBoard server.

To modify this setting,

  1. Open the EIOBoard Server program and click the “SQL Tasks” tab.
  2. Next, right click on the “Sign Out All Users” task and select “Edit”.
  3. On the “Edit Scheduled Task” window click the “Schedule Actions” button and select “Edit Selected Schedule”.
  4. Change the time under the Daily Frequency section to the time you want all statuses to change to Out on the “Edit Schedule” window and click “Save”.
  5. When prompted to change this system schedule, click “Yes”.
  6. Then just close the “Edit Scheduled Task” window.

You can see more details in our guide on configuring and troubleshooting the setting here:

How do I fix Sign Out at Midnight not working?


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