Some groups don’t sync through Active Directory

If you are having an issue with some or all of your Active Directory Groups not syncing to EIOBoard follow these steps:


  1. Open up your EIOBoard Server Admin
  2. Run a manual sync
  3. If the Manual sync log shows that 0 users are synced, or less users have been synced then you have checked, look to see if the groups that have not synced have special characters in their name.
  4. If there are special characters in the group name open up your Active Directory Server and navigate to the group
  5. Right click on the group and hit Rename
  6. Take all the special characters out of the group name and hit Enter
  7. Go back to the EIOBoard server, hit the refresh button in the Active Directory Sync tab
  8. Recheck the users and groups you want to sync and save the template
  9. Run the Manual Sync again

All your users should now be added through active directory. If you are still having trouble with Active Directory Syncing please contact Savance for further assistance.

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