Syncing Recurring Outlook Appointments

To sync recurring calendar appointments in Outlook to the EIOBoard calendar, the initial event must be captured with the correct settings.  Here is a sample event set to recur in Outlook:


Note this event is selected to sync at the top right.  With the default settings, this event will only sync for the next 14 days.


This is the result on the EIOBoard Calendar.  Notice that the event does not sync after the 14 day mark has passed.  Changing this setting will not impact previous events, so be sure to set it up for as long as needed before syncing over and creating new events.

After changing the settings, we can add another sample event that will sync automatically.

The new event syncs for 45 days as seen in the settings.

You can also set the time range for recurring appointments in the Autosync settings:

Note: while the settings are now setup for a longer amount of time, any old or already synced in appointment does not get changed and is only populated for the next two weeks

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