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Temperature scanner has stopped working and rebooting it has not fixed the issue

If your temp scanner has stopped working, and rebooting it has not fixed the issue:

We have to check the network adapters – To do this, we need to navigate to the “Networking and Sharing Center”.

This can be done by going to the “control panel”. To find the control panel, search for the control panel in your system using the search option. You should see a screen like below when you’re in control panel:

From that screen, search “Network and Sharing Center” (searching “network” also works) using the search control panel feature. Network and Sharing Center should appear at the top of the search. Press the name “Network and Sharing Center”; ignore the other options below it.


Under Network and Sharing Center, you should see “Change adapter settings” on the left hand side. See below if you’ve navigated to the correct page where it should be:

If only ethernet 1 is showing in check adapter settings, check physical connections.

If ethernet 2 or 3 is showing, check the properties of the adapter by right clicking on the ethernet adapter and clicking “Properties”.

Inside properties – Click “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” from the list and then click properties like seen below (properties won’t be clickable until you’ve clicked “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4))”. You should see the screen on the right pop up when you click properties:

In the properties of the ethernet adapter, check if a static IP is assigned to that adapter and if not then assign a static IP to it – If “Obtain an IP address automatically” is selected then that means the IP is not static. To assign a static IP, select the other option, which is “Use the following IP Address:”. Before changing the IP address, we have to first get the proper IP address from the temp scanner.

Get the proper IP address by verifying against the temp scanner settings – This can be done by checking the server in your temp scanner. First, you have to navigate to the settings page in the temp scanner (tap the right of the screen until you see the option to press home or a house icon).

From here, press “Comm” that will take you to a screen where you should see “Comm”, “Server”, “NTP”, “Ethenet”, and “Wifi” along the top. Press “Server” from the top, which will take you to a screen where you should see “Response Time” and underneath that “Server”. To the right of “Server”, make note of the server IP address because we need this to change the IP address in the adapter settings.

Now, return to the properties page for the ethernet adapter from before checking the temp scanner. Reminder, you should have clicked the “Use the following IP address” to change the IP address.

Now we can fill in the IP address, which should be the same as the one you saw on the server page from the temp scanner. Ignore the subnet mask and default gateway and the other setting options. Press OK.

Now, your temp scanner should begin to work as expected again.

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