Two Separate EIOBoard Texting Features

Sometimes it seems a little confusing when you refer to EIOBoard’s texting feature because you may not know that there are actually two texting features. They each have different functions and require separate licenses. This knowledgebase article will go into brief detail about these two features.


The “Send Text Message” Feature

  • This allows a user to text any other user’s phone through EIOBoard.
  • User’s cell phone numbers and providers can be configured by an administrator by editing their Contact Details.
  • Multiple users can be texted at once.
  • This feature is the more common of the two features.
  • It is included EIOBoard features bundle.
  • For more details, visit the following Help Guide: Text Messaging From EIOBoard


The “SMS Status Updates” Feature

  • This feature allows a user to text a number from a cell phone to update his/her status. For example, “Out 30m” could set your status to Out for 30 minutes.
  • For shortcuts, status aliases can be set up. So instead of texting out “Out of Office”, it can be set up so that a user only has to text “OOO” instead.
  • This feature can be configured in the EIOBoard Server (Customer-Hosted Only).
  • Customers can either register each phone number or purchase a private, local phone number for users to text.
  • For more details, visit the following knowledgebase article: How to Update Your Status Using SMS
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