Two Separate EIOBoard Texting Features

Sometimes it seems a little confusing when you refer to EIOBoard’s texting feature because you may not know that there are actually two¬†texting features. They each have different functions and require separate licenses. This knowledgebase article will go into brief detail about these two features.


The “Send Text Message” Feature

  • This allows a user to text any other user’s phone through EIOBoard.
  • User’s cell phone numbers and providers can be configured by an administrator by editing their Contact Details.
  • Multiple users can be texted at once.
  • This feature is the more common of the two features.
  • It is¬†included EIOBoard features bundle.
  • For more details, visit the following Help Guide: Text Messaging From EIOBoard


The “SMS Status Updates” Feature

  • This feature allows a user to text a number from a cell phone to update his/her status. For example, “Out 30m” could set your status to Out for 30 minutes.
  • For shortcuts, status aliases can be set up. So instead of texting out “Out of Office”, it can be set up so that a user only has to text “OOO” instead.
  • This feature can be configured in the EIOBoard Server (Customer-Hosted Only).
  • Customers can either register each phone number or purchase a private, local phone number for users to text.
  • For more details, visit the following knowledgebase article: How to Update Your Status Using SMS
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