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Updating the Savance Workplace Address with a Startup Script

Savance announced that EIOBoard is now Savance Workplace! Existing cloud-hosted customers need to transition to the new server address in their application settings. This update affects kiosks, offline mustering tablets, desktop applications, and Outlook add-ins. These applications must update to the new URL: https://cloud.savanceworkplace.com.

Next Steps for IT Administrators

We know the change will not be easy for customers with dozens of devices in the field. We can help simplify the transition for your Windows devices by adding a startup script to Group Policy that will update the existing cloud-hosted server address with the latest FQDN. We did our best to handle every potential registry path used by our desktop application and the Outlook Add-in from previous versions. Keep that in mind when you deploy the startup script.

Download the Sample GPO Startup Script


Add this script to the GPO startup scripts run for the local machine.

Under PowerShell Scripts, add the script path and set the GPO to run scripts first. It’s not required to run the PowerShell scripts first; your environment may have unique requirements. This configuration represents one successful implementation.


This article should help your organization transition to the latest and greatest version of our cloud-hosted offering.

For help updating individual users, see our other Knowledge Base article on this topic here:

How to Update the Cloud Service URL


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