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Upgrade EIOBoard on client workstations via Group Policy

To upgrade EIOBoard on client workstations via group policy, follow these steps. Please note, you cannot deploy the MSI file onto a workstation after installing with the EXE. You would need to deploy the EXE file with the /S (silent) option.

    1. Download the latest MSI or the Desktop Application MSI of your new version from https://www.savanceworkplace.com/downloads/
    2. Go into the Group Policy Management console and find the policy that installs EIOBoard and edit the policy (Enter the control panel and click on Administrative tools then select Group Policy Management)
    3. Once in the editor right click and click New >Package.
    4. Browse to your UNC (eg. \\<hostname>\gppackages or \\\shared ) path where the new version is located select the new version
    5. When the Dialog box appears asking what deployment method to use select Advanced
    6. Name it EIOBoard and then the version number
    7. Select the Upgrades tab and select Add
    8. Select your previous package that is deployed, and select Package can upgrade over the existing package.
    9. Run a gpupdate /force on the group policy server and reboot the clients that need the new software and all should be well.

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