User Locked Fixes

User Account locked

Web Browser

Whenever you get this error on our Web Browser Login (Example:


  1. Contact your EIOBoard Admin to assist in logging in. They can unlock accounts instead of waiting the 1 hour time (EIOBoard Admins see below on how to unlock users)
  2. Cloud Sites only if EIOBoard Admin is unavailable: Contact Savance support via


Desktop Application

Whenever you get this error signing in through the Desktop Application


  1. Contact your local EIOBoard admin for assistance unlocking account
  2. Try to go to the bottom right of your windows screen and click on the up arrow:

Then right click:

Then click ‘Settings’ to get to the screen below. Attempt to enter your username/password then press ‘Test Auth’. If you’ve forgotten your password, please contact your EIOBoard Admin


Admin Unlocking Users


This part is for EIOBoard Admins to unlock user accounts which become locked for 1hr


  1. Login to EIOBoard via web browser
  2. Click ‘Admin’ at the top of your screen
  3. Click ‘Users’
  4. Search for the user in question
  5. Press the unlock button for said user
  6. Optional: Reset their password to hopefully prevent another lockout
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