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User Permissions – allow users to view specific reports but not others

Due to requests from EIOBoard administrators for the functionality, in version 10, we have added the ability for administrators to give users permission to view one or more reports without allowing them to view others. In previous versions the only way to allow a user to view any individual report was to give them access to all reports. This is no longer the case. Now, an administrator can give any one or all users permissions to view any number of individual reports while denying them access to the rest. The steps to do this are as follows:

1. First, create a new Security group on the Security tab of the desktop application or Outlook add-in.


2. After creating the group highlight it and click Edit to assign the permissions you wish to give it


3. Once the Security Group is unlocked for Editing expand “Reports” to find the category or exact report you wish to give permission too and check its checkbox. The Below example if for Start and End Time Summary. After checking the reports you wish to give a user or users permission to view click Update.


4. Now all that’s left to do is to go to the Users tab, find the user you wish to give the permission and add this Security Group to their profile. To do this highlight the user, then find the Security Group you created in the Security Groups list and check its checkbox. In the example below the user Travis Fleenor has been added to the Specific Report Example Security Group along with the other groups he is already a member of. There is no update button or submit action that is required. Simply highlighting the user’s name and checking the checkbox for the Security Group will add them to the group. Users can be added to as many or as few Security Groups as is required.

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