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Using Boolean Operators in Custom Reporting

To add boolean operators to a custom report, scroll to the bottom of the “filters” on the left hand side of the screen.  Locate the “and” operator.  To use the “and” operation, first click the “+” to the right of the “and”.  Next add specific information that should also be included in the report.  In the following example, the report is searching for all users in the group “Resident” who also have a cell number that begins with 3.

To use the “or” operation in conjunction with the filters laid out in the drop down boxes, first click on the “and” text and select “add group”


Next click on the newly created “and” within the first and change this to an “or” statement.

Now include the items of interest.  In the following example, the report will return users who are in the group “Resident” and have either a status of “In” or a status of “Out”.

Note: without using the “and” before the “or”, users who are not part of the group “Resident”, or any other normal filters set, would be included in the report.

The operations “not and” and “not or” should be used in the same way as “and” and “or” but will return all of the users that do not satisfy the statement.  In the following example, the users that will be returned are members of the group “Resident” who have a status that is not equal to either “In” or “Out”.

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