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Using Search Filters on a Mobile Device

Using the search on the left and side in EIOBoard App you can use the Filters to filter out only people who are in a certain status.

The Android and IPhone apps do not allow this. However, the mobile site does.

In the browser on your cell phone go to www.eioboard.com/eioboard and log in. Then tap People. Then tap the search icon (magnifying glass). On the Search page tap the plus sign next to Add Criteria and Choose Status. The status criteria will appear on the list of search criteria. You can then choose which status to use as a filter and click search to see only users with that status. You can use this same procedure with more of the available criteria to narrow down your search. you may also use the same criteria more than once. For instance if you want to see who is in and who is statused Home Office you would add the status search criteria twice setting one to In and the other to Home office. Added criteria remain added for the duration of time you are logged into the web portal.

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