Visual C++ Error: 0x80070643 Fatal error during installation

Redistributable packages “are required by many applications built by using Microsoft C and C++ tools.” Apps using “a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package must be installed on the target system before you install the app” (Microsoft Docs, 2021). To “fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed,” we need to find the root cause. Consider the situation where the 2015-2019 Visual C++ Redistributable package fails to install.

Option 1

We start by looking at the installed Programs and Features to see if a conflicting version is already installed. These Redistributable packages after 2015 are available in consolidated packages. If the system already has one of these later editions of a C++ Redistributable package, installing a consolidated package will fail. Uninstall these packages that may have the year 2015 or later in the name.

In Windows, navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, and search for Visual C++ Redistributable packages. If none of the Visual C++ Redistributable packages listed meet the criterion, skip to Option 2.

Uninstall the Visual C++ Redistributable packages as described above through Programs and Features.

Run the setup package again to install the consolidated C++ Redistributable package.

Option 2

There could be a pending reboot. Restart the machine and Run the setup package again.

Option 3

The installation still fails. Keep in mind that one or many C++ Redistributable packages could be installed without appearing on the Programs and Features list. Microsoft has a program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter to fix these issues. Please follow their guide for further instructions. Note that you may have to run the troubleshooter for each Visual C++ Redistributable package.


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