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Web Service says Page Cannot Be Displayed or Found.

Web Service

If after installing the EIOBoard Web Service the page that loads displays a generic error saying the page cannot be displayed or the page cannot be found, most likely the issue is that .NET 2.0 was installed before Internet Information Services (IIS) was installed.  Another indicator of this error is that ASP v2.0.X does not appear in the Web Service Extensions section of IIS.

Open a Command Prompt window and change the directory to:
This assumes that your Windows directory was installed to “C:\WINDOWS”.  Also, the “v2.0.50727” folder could be slightly different, but should start with “v2.0”.  Choose the highest number available.

Once in the proper directory, enter the following (without the quotes):
“aspnet_regiis.exe -i”

After the update above successfully completes, go to the Web Service Extensions folder in IIS and set ASP.NET v2.0… to “Allowed”.  (You may need to refresh to see this item.)

If the above method does not solve this problem, you need to reinstall IIS by going to the Add/Remove Windows Components section of Add or Remove Programs.

Please note that this article assumes you already have .NET 2.0 installed.

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