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What are the ways that EIOBoard helps users easily maintain accurate statuses?

EIOBoard has many features built into the application that help its users maintain accurate status.

First, the EIOBoard Application includes an activity monitor, which will update a user’s status to unavailable if they do not use their keyboard or mouse for a given period of time.

Next, the EIOBoard Application includes a feature to start the application on computer start-up then automatically set the user’s status to in.

Then when the user closes EIOBoard or shuts down their computer, their status will be updated to out. Also included in the Application version of EIOBoard is Outlook and GroupWise Synchronization. This allows a user to pull their calendar events manually or automatically from their Outlook or GroupWise calendar and insert them into EIOBoard. Included in both the application and browser interface is the ability to set future statuses. Using this feature, a user who knows they are going to be out on a given day, can have EIOBoard automatically set their status accordingly at the specified time.

Also, the EIOBoard Add-in interface includes a user presense setting to remind you as you open and close your Outlook that you need to update your status. In addition, the kiosk can be used with or without biometric or card readers to facilitate status updates while users are coming in and out of common areas.

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