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What do I enter for the AD Sync settings during the customer-hosted server install?

Active Directory Integration

If you want to integrate your Active Directory users with EIOBoard, you can either use the automatic sync feature which updates your user information nightly. So, if their information changes in Active Directory, it will automatically update the information in EIOBoard. If you choose to use this feature you will need administrative access to your on-premise EIOBoard Server.

The AD Sync settings are configured with the name or IP Address of your Active Directory Server or Domain Controller. The Username and Password must be a user with domain admin rights, and the Domain Name needs to be set to your local domain name, for example, it might be “drummondnorthelmsley.com” or ‘drummondnorthelmsley.local’.

Once you have all the necessary details, navigate to the EIOBoard Server application running on your on-premise hosted server. Open the Settings from the right-click menu or the Management menu. Select the AD Sync tab to configure the connection information.


Setup Guide:

If you are customer-hosted, here is the simple process to setting up Windows Authentication for your organization:

1. Open EIOBoard Server Admin and go to Management–>Settings–>AD Sync–>Connection Settings. Check to Enabled AD Sync., then put in the settings for your AD Sync:

a. The User used for authentication must have at least ‘read’ permissions on the OUs and Users you wish to be seen for the Synchronization. Note that being in any groups that have ‘deny’ permissions on an object will override ‘read’ permissions.

b. If you aren’t sure which Auth. Type to use for your server, check our guide which overviews the different Authentication types here.

2. Then so Users can log in with their AD credentials, go to Management–>Settings–>AD Sync–>Options. There you can check “Validate Credentials with Active Directory” so users can sign in with their Windows Username and password once they are synced in.


3. Lastly, you can add the users themselves. As of version 10.3.47, you can select either OU’s or Security Groups, and as long as automatically add new users and that group is checked, any users assigned to that group will be added to EIOBoard.




If you have any issues with users being able to sign in through their Windows Account, there are several things you can check:

1. Make sure Windows Authentication is enabled in IIS

2. If you’ve just upgraded, see that Knowledgebase article: Active Directory login not working after a server upgrade

3. If you’re still having any issues, feel free to contact us at support@eioboard.com

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