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What does EIOBoard’s Timecard feature offer me?

Without the Timecard feature, EIOBoard allows you to see when user’s were in and out and how much paid time users had based on a single “Paid” flag on each status. However, there are a large amount of features that you’ll be missing out on without EIOBoard’s Timecard feature! For instructions on how to generate a Timecard, Click Here. Here are some of Timecard features:


Payroll Types

EIOBoard allows you to define customizable payroll types. Each Payroll type has a set of rules, such as: What statuses are included in this payroll? Do users get paid for Saturdays and Sundays? How many hours qualify for regular pay or for overtime pay? You can create any number of payroll types for your organization, each based on the set of rules you want to apply. Different payroll types can be used for different users, based on what payroll rules apply to them.


Locking in Timecards

When you generate a timecard, you can lock it in so that it cannot be modified in the future, which prevents timecard managers from changing users’ status history. This also allows you to view old Timecards exactly as they were at the time of payroll.


Manage Payroll-Specific Employee Groups

Sometimes you have different employee groups that get paid with different rules. Some employees might get paid for weekends while others do not. Some may start overtime at 40 hours and others at 45 hours. Once you have created a payroll group for each set of rules, you can generate timecards only for the employees that apply to the given rules. This allows you to run each set of rules only to the employees that it applies to.


Exporting Timecards

The ability to export timecards allows you to integrate EIOBoard with another payroll system, such as Paychex or Quickbooks. EIOBoard offers the ability to export straight to Quickbooks format, or you can also choose a character-delimited file: comma separated (CSV), tab separated, or separated by your character of choice. You can create export templates that determine how the file is exported, including the type of file that is used, the format, and exactly what payroll types are included. This allows you to include multiple payroll types on a single Timecard!

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