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What does the asterisk (*) or star by a user’s name mean?

If the user has an asterisk (*) next to their name, that means the user is connected to the EIOBoard chat server and available for chat.

If you do not see the asterisk next to your user name, or next to another user’s name, EIOBoard is either

  • Closed
  • Not logged in
  • Chat is disabled
  • Or there is another problem preventing chat from working on their computer.

Regardless of the users’ status the asterisk (*) next to their name, someone can be available for chat.

Sending a Chat Message

You can chat with a “chat ready” user by right-clicking on that user in either the “Standard” or “Mini” view in the EIOBoard Application Interface, EIOBoard Outlook Interface, or even the EIOBoard Web Interface in version 7.1 or higher.

If you wanted to send a message to multiple people (currently only supported in the Application and Outlook Add-in), right click on the EIOBoard “pencil” icon on the bottom of your screen in the system tray near the clock or click on the Chat in the toolbar, then expand out “Messaging”, and click “Chat”.  This will open a window where you can select which users you want to send a chat message to (the list is only limited to those connected to chat).  Check the desired users, click OK, and type and send the message as you usually would.  This will send a message to each user you selected.  If multiple users were selected, a group chat session will start between all selected users.

Enabling Chat


In addition, most companies have a firewall in the network room that blocks all traffic unless otherwise granted (a gatekeeper if you will).  If port 5222 is opened (EIOBoard Web Interface does not require additional ports to be opened), you should be able to use the chat function with anyone else in your company who has the supported interfaces installed and has the * next to their name.

Per User

There is also a user setting to “Enable Chat” in the EIOBoard User Settings on the “Chat” tab which must be checked as well as a “Company Setting” in the Administrator called “Application Chat Disabled” which must be unchecked.  If you are a Customer-Hosted user you must also have Chat enabled and configured properly in the EIOBoard Server program.

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