What is the UserID?

The UserID field is only used to log a user into the EIOBoard Kiosk Interface or EIOBoard Punch Interface.  This unique numerical value then will update the User’s Status when the associated badge ID from a barcode or RFID tag is scanned.

Finding Your UserID

How can I find out who has a certain UserID when I get the message “This UserID is taken”?

Setting a UserID

You can set the UserID of a user through the Administrator panel in the EIOBoard Application, Browser, or Outlook Interface. UserIDs can also be assigned right from the kiosk.

You can also import the UserID’s for everyone via an excel spreadsheet:

Web-Based User Import

Or automatically by purchasing one of our many Access Control Integration:

Access Control Integration

Could you use an alphanumeric UserID?

Yes, the Kiosk Interface natively requires a numerical UserID but we have a setting to show a full keyboard for the ID entry prompt. This setting is under the Options tab of the Kiosk Settings. That’s it! Once configured, your users could use an extremely secure GUID as part of an access control solution.

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