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What sets the EIOBoard apart from the other in out board software packages?

Here are a few things that you’ll want to consider before purchasing any Electronic In-Out Board software:

  • Is the chosen In-Out Board software updated frequently to remain compatible with the changing needs of your workplace environment? (For example, our EIOBoard server application offers 32-bit and 64-bit installers and our client Application and Outlook interfaces work with Office 2013.) When was the last update made to their software—how long before that one? EIOBoard releases annually to keep our software current, fresh, and up-to-date and we are always preparing for the next release: http://www.eioboard.com/Releases.aspx
  • How available is support/assistance if you want/need it? Try to call or email the company and see how quickly you receive a response. With EIOBoard, you’ll always get immediate attention very easily and very quickly: http://support.savance.com/?eioboard
  • How easy is it to see several users? EIOBoard makes it very easy to view many users at once with our “Mini” view and offers several views to fit the needs of large, medium, or small groups of users: https://www.savanceworkplace.com/status-board/
  • Will your staff be happy with just one access point for your In-Out Board? With EIOBoard, you’ll get three access points (Web Browser, Application, Outlook Add-in) with any purchase and also have the option to add-on the Mobile, Kiosk, Offline, and Punch interfaces too: https://www.savanceworkplace.com/electronic-in-out-board/
  • How will you know that the software will do what you want and need it to do BEFORE you make the investment? We offer a 30-day free and fully functional trial (Customer- Hosted –your server, or EIOBoard-Hosted—our server) that can be requested at: https://www.savanceworkplace.com/free-demo/ to be sure our EIOBoard software will be a good fit.
  • Do you want to use your existing HID or Proximity Cards along with your In-Out Board to update your teams’ statuses as they enter or exit their workplace? Would you like to incorporate biometrics to make sure no “Buddy Punching” can happen? Or maybe you have a desire for a touch screen kiosk or a large screen display to work in conjunction with your In- Out Board—if so, please take a look at how our EIOBoard Electronic In-Out Board software can be used with other Access Control Systems in various ways at: https://www.savanceworkplace.com/article-categories/active-directory/
  • Does the In-Out Board support Active Directory and Windows Authentication to keep user information current and make login effortless? EIOBoard supports Active Directory (AD) integration to make administration a breeze. EIOBoard also supports Windows Authentication for easy user login. Read more about that here:
  • Is there an option for an emergency roll call of all the users in case there is a power failure? Using our EIOBoard Offline interface, you can have peace of mind knowing that an up- to-date listing of all employees is available even outside of the building. Read more at https://www.savanceworkplace.com/emergency-mustering/
  • Do you have the option for customization? We offer customization at a low price (min $1000) so if there is something that you find you need, we can most likely make it happen at a low cost. Read more at https://www.savanceworkplace.com/knowledge-base/can-eioboard-be-customized-for-my-company/
  • Does the software have scalability to be able to support large organizations with lots of users? EIOBoard’s scalability and our ability to break an extremely large organization into smaller units allows us to support more users than any single organization would theoretically need. Customers can break their users up into Locations. Additionally, Intranet users can break their sites up into an even higher level called Organizations – which is how our Internet eioboard.com works. Each new customer is placed into their own Organization. The unique thing about the Intranet version is that the admin can create Organizations and search across those organizations.
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