What views are available?

Web Browser and Desktop Application

A standard view (default) or mini-view is available for the EIOBoard application and Web Browser.

Standard View

In the Standard View, you can see everyone that matches your current set filters listed, and along with all the information for your selected column headers.

To customize, see

Changing Column Headers in the Web

Mini View

The Mini View will just show a tile for each person in the color of their status, with their Extension, Status Name, and Returning Time showing if you hover over them.

Desktop Application Only

In the Desktop Application their is also the Customers, Resources, Guests, and Work List views available. You can turn on/off these tabs with the ‘Show __ Tab’ settings in the Company/Global Settings




The Guest Log Tab allows you to Sign In and Manage Visitors from the Desktop Application, and well as have a different set of column Headers to view Visitors than the Column Headers of the standard view.

Work List

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