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Workplace Desktop Status Change Notifications

Workplace has the ability to watch users as they change their status. Similar to Outlook, Workplace will display a small pop-up window with the name of the person, what status they changed to, and at what time as a pop up in the lower left corner of your screen. To add users to your notifications watch, simply right-click the name of the person in the Workplace application and click “Add to Status Alerts Watch” (as seen below). You should then receive a message saying the user was successfully added to your notification watch, as seen below.

Another way to set someone to your status alerts watch is Right-click the Workplace icon in the system tray (the area just to the left of the clock) and select “Settings“. Navigate to the Alerts tab by using the right arrow in the top right corner of settings, as seen below. We support Email and Texts alert as well for Cloud customers. On-Prem customers need to check with their IT if they are unsure if the feature is supported

To modify which statuses to watch, click a person, check the items in the watch list, and click “OK”. The different watch types are as follows:

  • Watch In – If checked, you are notified when the person changes their status to a status type of “In.”
  • Watch Out – If checked, you are notified when the person changes their status to a status type of “Out,” such as “Lunch” or “Vacation.”
  • Watch Unavailable – If checked, you are notified when the person changes their status type to “Unavailable,” like when a person sets their status to “Meeting.”
  • Ignore Idle – If checked, Workplace will not notify you if a person’s status changes to “Unavailable” because there was no keyboard or mouse activity. You will also not receive notification when the person’s status changes to “In” when they return from idle.
  • To remove a person from your watch list, simply click their name and click “Remove”.

Example Status Alert:

Disabling the Status Change Alert

There is not a way to disable status change notifications entirely.

Administrators can disable the Email, Text, and Sound Alerts related to the change of status.
This does not prevent someone from having a small alert window pop up in the bottom corner of their screen.
We would accomplish this with the Administration panel.
Company User Settings –> Alerts –> Status Change Alerts
Deselect the Deployable Settings for each row under this heading, then select Deploy and Locked.

To finalize your Company User Settings, select ‘Save and Deploy.’



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